Aglaia Perraki

Aglaia Perraki- Xenaki was born in Chania Crete in 1966. From the time she was a child, in search for ways to express hershelf, she became interested in painting, jewellery naking and dance. For many years she studied Byzantine Art and the “ Fayum “ Portaits, which became a point f reference for her artistic creations. In 1988 she studied at the Fine Arts school of the Polytechnic University of Crete. In 2011 she started to write her stories, who was the inspiration to create her series of paintings “ intuitive attachments “. In 2015 she illustrated the fairytale, “ How I learned to smile “ by Aristides Tsaldaris. Art is an indispensible part of her life. She lives in Chania, where she works as a painter, while teaching Byzantine Art and drawing. Her works can be found in Museums, private collections and in churches in Greece and abroad.